Link Shorteners - What is it for?

Have you noticed how long the URL adress can be? Sometimes we copy and paste it thoughtlessly on social media websites on Twitter or in SMS. It is enough, however, that somewhere we will break the address, and the recipient will not be able to open the right page that we want to show him. With long URLs it is difficult to control it.

An additional benefit of link shortening

An interesting thing that also applies to URL Shortener is their additional ability. Thanks to Shorteners we can easily move (eg between Facebook and blog or Twitter and Facebook) links that usually have the tag "NoFollow".

Every now and then there is a new tool that makes working in social media marketing easier. URL Shorteners are some of these facilities. It's worth testing and adapting to your needs.

The standard practice of many social media is based on the freedom to share content within a given medium. Problems start when we want to put the link with the preview somewhere else. Thanks to Link Shorteners this problem disappears. The links are added along with the preview. This is good news for those who use Facebook or Twitter as part of their marketing campaigns.